Help!!!Gel box cause for RNA degradation???

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Tue Oct 17 18:44:34 EST 1995

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>: >Our lab has been having problems with total RNA preps, i.e. total
>: degradation.
>: >We have narrowed the source down to the gel box (which was treated
>: >overnight with 0.5N NaOH to remove RNases, followed by complete rinsing,
>: >to no avail).  Any suggestions.  Buffers, loading dye, and agarose are
>: all
>: >OK.

     We've been using commercial RNase inhibiting solutions like RNase Zap from Ambion, you use a few drops on equipment and rinse with DEPC water.  We use it on gel boxes and insitu glass and plastic ware, so far we've had no problems.  Lately I've seen similar products from other companies, I don't know the functional properties but it seems to work.

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