Help: Chicken IgY Handling & Stability

J S Abrams mabman at
Tue Oct 17 16:51:16 EST 1995


  I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has had experience with the
handling of semi-purified chicken IgY preps.  We have received material
from the farm that performs our contract immunizations.  The IgY was
purified (by them) by successive PEG-8000 pptns.  First to selectively
pellet the ovalbumin, then to pellet the IgY.  They follow with an EtOH
extraction step to remove PEG.  

Has anyone had experience with similar preps?  The material has
considerable precipitate after thawing (is this lipid?).  Are there any
bizarre solubility issues with chicken IgY (precipitates in low ionic
strength buffers for example?) which distinguish this Ig from rabbit or
rodent Ig.  Any other potential pitfalls?  Can you get by without
ion-exchange chromatography (would be great!)?

Thanks in advance for any input.

John S. Abrams, PhD
DNAX Research Institute
Palo Alto, CA  94304

work e-mail: John_Abrams at

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