PCR of a GC Rich, Tandem Repeat Region: HELP!

David N. Levy david_levy at dfci.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 18 11:10:21 EST 1995

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Petros,  BKXO at musicb.mcgill.ca writes:

> I am trying to amplify by PCR a highly GC rich region with a high number of 
> 15bp tandem repeats.  The template is genomic DNA.  The expected size 
> of the fragment is approximately 1.2Kb. The polymerase I am using is 
> Taq DNA Polymerase.    

I have used 10% glycerol in the reaction to increase yield of high GC
content DNA.  This sometimes helps a lot and sometimes not at all and
sometimes hurts, but it can make the diff. between success and failure.
 Probably similar to adding DMSO.

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