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Hi. Woo-Jai Lee

We are adding previously sterilized Glucose to our media (DMEM, M-199, RPMI) just when we are
preparing the solutions for work.
Glucose is dissolved in water and then sterilized for 20 minutes at 120°C in a steam autoclav.
To prevent excess formation of brown products, we open the autoclav still hot (be VERY CAREFUL
!!!), close the bottles and put them into a cold room, where the solutions are stored until
use, but not more than a few weeks. That's a "traditional". I have no reference in the
literature for that, but if anyone knows, please tell me!

Hope this will help.

Have a nice day!

wjl at HOPPER.UNH.EDU (Woo-Jai Lee) wrote:
>Can glucose be autoclaved in a medium like 2X YT? or should it be
>sterilized separately?
>Any comments would be appreciated.
>Woo-Jai Lee

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