Peptide Immunogens: ?Need for HPLC purification

Loren Joseph ljlj at
Thu Oct 19 15:16:22 EST 1995

I have received conflicting local information/opinions about the need for HPLC
purification of peptides for immunization of mice (for monoclonals). A
compromise suggestion was to immunize with peptides purified on a G-25
but to screen the fusion by ELISA using HPLC purified peptides. My concern
about HPLC purification is that I have been told loss of the input peptide
by HPLC could be 40% or more. (It isn't clear how much of the apparent
loss of weight would be due peptide or to other substances still present
after G-25 purification). Any additional opinions and/or references would
be appreciated.

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