Biomek 2000 workstation

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Fri Oct 20 18:12:43 EST 1995

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Michael Khoury) wrote:

 >  >Does anyone know who makes this machine and a phone number for the

 >  >company?  Thanks, Mary
 >  >Hi, the company is BECKMAN (try
 >  Applied Biosystems makes a workstation also.  It's called the
 >  800.
 >  From what I've heard, the catalyst 800 is a better workstation.  It
 >   a thermal cycler included, cold storage, and pipetting
 >  that are 
 >  lower in volumes than the Biomek.  For example: 0.1 ul vs 1-2 ul
 >  the Biomek.

I wonder if anyone else noted where this poster's email address points?
wonder why they think the ABI machine is better?? Hmmmmmmmm...

So, tell me Gloria, have you ever worked in a lab and have you ever
considered how much surface tension might influence the accuracy of a
0.1ul pipetting? I really don't think so. Get real, don't just quote
claimed specs.

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )
Thank you for being so observant.  Yes, I do work for Perkin Elmer. 
And, yes I have worked in the lab and definitely do appreciate the
difficulty in accurately pipetting submicroliter volumes.  My intention
was not to imply that the Catalyst is a supermachine with capabilities
beyond reason. The Catalyst employs liquid-displacement where as the 
Biomek is an air-displacement delivery system.  Because of this and our
specially designed 
wells, we feel confident in saying that the Catalyst 800 Turbo pipets
in increments as small as 0.1 uL.   

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