G418 and neomycin

Sergey V. Orlov Serge at serge.stud.pu.ru
Fri Oct 20 17:31:52 EST 1995

Xin asked:
>> Could neomycin be used in selection of transfection? What are
>> differences between G418 and neomycin? Thanks a lot.
>> Xin

Nikolai replied:
>Yes, It could. Probably the "name" and the price, I think. :-)

It is wrong!
Neomycins (A, B, C) and related antibiotics (kanamycine et
al.) are group of aminoglycosides and they are inactivated
by neomycin phosphotransferase encoded by neo gene. These
antibiotics possess weak toxic activity for animal cells (most,
in ear and kidney tissue). It is a reason that these drugs use
for human treatment :-). Therefore, these antibiotics can not
be used in selection of transfection. I don't remember chemical
structure of G418, but it is some derivate of neomycins, which
is toxic for eukaryotic cells and which is inactivated by product
of neo gene.

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