Non-isotopic probe labeling kits

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>I am in the process of choosing a non-isotopic labeling kit with which to 
>label a probe for library screening purposes.  I am considering the 
>Rad-Free system from Schleicher and Schuell.  Has anyone out there used 
>this kit and found success with it?  

I did a test southern blot w/ the RadFree kit and it looked very promising
in terms of sensitivity. The sensitivity test they recommend that you
perform (a dot blot w/ increasing amounts of plasmid DNA) also worked
quite well. A few aspects of the RadFree system are inconvenient:
1) very long blocking time
2) the substrate sheets -- S&S thinks they a plus, I think they're a pain.
If you have a non-standard size blot and try to cut the substrate sheet to
conserve it, more than likely you will end up with increased background
and a very messy looking autorad.
3) the substrate sheets are very expensive
4) you're supposed to do the incubation of filter + substrate sheet in an
exposure cassette prewarmed to 37 degrees. 

I didn't have the time to experiment further with the kit, but it looked
very promising.

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