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Fri Oct 20 07:58:49 EST 1995

In article <461ran$f85 at>, nian at says:
>Hi, netter,
>Is anybody using acid-phenol to remove the nick or linearized DNA from circular 
>dsDNA.  What is the critical step?  How lower the pH can be? What is the 
>mechanism ?  I tried many times but no success at all. Any suggestions will be 
>Nian G.
 We did it several times, and it have proved unreliable. One time is perfect, otherwise even the 
superhelical fraction can be lost. I have tried to modify, track down but nothing concludible
have been found. The major problem that the references do not agree upon the basic protocol, 
for intance one stricty intruct to remove the last traces of proteins and RNAs, the other one 
notice nothing about this staff. And the mechanism is even more obscure there is no two 
mergeable opinion. 
Otherwise if anybody has a  good experience on this steam building field I love to try it.

Csaba J.

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