Need some different 6X Loading Buffers

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Fri Oct 20 07:48:51 EST 1995

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> I would like to collect some alternative recipes for 6X loading buffers
for running DNA on Agarose Gels. I recently tried a greenish buffer that
came with some PCR markers that a friend ordered. This buffer did not show
up under the UV light (the blue dye we use DOES show up).
> If anyone has any "recipes" for different buffers could you please send
them my way? Oh yeah, the company we ordered the primers from doesn't sell
the buffers in their catalog...
> thanks!
> Chuck Miller
> email: oravaxcm at

hi Chuck,

The recipe that i use in the lab is as follows:

0.1 M EDTA 
20% Ficoll 400 (from Pharmacia) 
0.1% Bromophenol Blue

word of warning:The ficoll takes ages to dissolve if added to cold solutions 
so if you heat the edta and bromophenol blue on a stirrer prior to adding
the ficoll it dissolves much quicker and easier

hope this is of some use

simon day


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