G418 and neomycin

Karl Fischer kfischer at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thu Oct 19 15:20:03 EST 1995

> > Could neomycin be used in selection of transfection? What are
> > differences between G418 and neomycin? Thanks a lot.
> > 
> > Xin
> Yes, It could. Probably the "name" and the price, I think. :-)
> Nikolai

Excuse me, Nikoli....

Neomycin C and G-418 are *not* identical in structure. See the Gibco/BRL
catalogue for  the structure of G-418 sulfate (Geneticin). A micro text
should have the structure of neomycin (I found mine in "Biochemistry of
Antimicrobial Action" by Franklin and Snow). 

I *do not* think that neomycin can be used as a replacement for G-418 in
transfection experiments; while the two *are* related aminoglycosides, I
do not think that neomycin is sufficiently toxic to mammalian cells to act
as a selection marker. On the other hand if someone is doin' the selection
work in bacteria...save your dough and use neo!!!!



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