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>We purchased the RNeasy Kit for animal sources and bacteria however we
would >like to use this kit for plant tissue.  Apparently the only
difference for the >different types of tissue is the Lysis Buffer with the
kit. The animal source >kit contains the RLT and the plant kit contains
RLC.  We would like to make the >RLC lysis buffer instead of ordering a
new kit.  Does anyone know how?


Both the RNeasy kit for animal cells, tissues,and bacteria and the RNeasy 
Plant Kit for plant and fungi contain the RLT Buffer (GITC based), which
is used with most plant species. In some cases, such as milky endosperm of
maize, GITC will form a gelatinous mass, in which case Buffer RLC (GuHCl
based) is used. In other words, it is very likely that the RLT Buffer will
work for you. 
One important item that is provided in the RNeasy Plant Kit, but not in
the RNeasy Kit for animal cells, tissues,and bacteria, is the QIAshredder.
The QIAshredder spin column is used to reduce the viscosity of the plant
lysate by shearing the genomic DNA and removing any insoluble material and
is essential for successful plant RNA purification with RNeasy.  It can be
ordered separately.
Please contact QIAGEN Tech Service (1-800-426-8157),  if you have any
further questions.

Brigitte S. Masone
Product Manager

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