Microsatellite sequences

Henk Pennings pennings at knoware.nl
Tue Oct 24 07:55:37 EST 1995

Dear Netters,

The degree of polymorphism between tomato varieties is very low when using
isozymes, RAPD or RFLP markers. Both industry types (ketchup, paste) and
fresh market types are very difficult to distinguish.

The use of microsatellites to make unique fingerprints of all tomato
varieties is very interesting and I am addressing this newsgroup to find out
where I can obtain the neccessary sequence information.

The aim is to PCR amplify the polymorphic sequences and separate them on a
high resolution agarose or polyacrylamide system. 

Can you give me an idea where to obtain the primer sequences or does anybody
know companies selling them

Please send e-mail to : pennings at knoware.nl

Kind regards,

Henk Pennings.

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