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krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) wrote:
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>> In article <46bbgc$16vi at>, klenchin at (Dima
>> Klenchin) wrote:
>> > I need to overexpress 70K protein as a GST fusion. It is cloned into
>> > Pharmacia's pGEX-2T. As usually, expression level and solubility is a
>> > problem. 
>> > 
>A funny thing with BL21 seems to be that it might be necessary to
>screen clones for expression levels. I am expressing another protein
>in BL21 (actually BL21(DE3)pLysS, but I don't think that matters);
>I tested four clones which expressed the protein in widely different
Dear Cornelius

Did you take any measures to keep the pLysS plasmid in the bug? It carries a 
chloramphenicol resistance gene.

with best wishes

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