Problems with Promega pGEM T-vector

Simon Dawson mbzspd at
Tue Oct 24 12:30:01 EST 1995

       We have used the Promega kit in the past and it worked fine. I take 
it your are using their ligase buffer/ligase ?? Have you checked the 
control insert is actually present? If you did everything the way the kit 
suggests, I would talk to Promega and get a new kit/your money back. That 
would be easiest and save you time. We use our own 'T-vector' in the lab 
now. It's awesome, extremely cheap to make and virtually 
'idiot-proof'....thats why I can do it!
  If you want a reference for the home-made method we use, drop me a line 
and I'll email you one (it's a Word document but I can send it as plain 
text if thats better).


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