Source for Replica plator pls.

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Tue Oct 17 13:12:07 EST 1995

Dr.Sailesh Surapureddi (SaiSu at MCB.LiU.SE) wrote:

: Hello Every one,
: I am in need for a replica plator which is used to make colony 
: impressions from one plate to another.
: Could anyone out there who has one and knows the source, kindly 
: relay the information please.

Build one yourself. Go to a plastics shop and ask them to cut you two circular
pieces of 0.5-1.0 inch thick disks of the correct diameter, leaving enough
space in a petri dish for a piece of velvet. Also have them lathe a cylinder of
plastic long enough to hold so your hand fits comfortably between the two dics
when they are glued on the ends. Voila! You're in business.  You can even make
one from wood if you like.  Use autoclaved velvet cloth squares by draping them
over the disc and hold the ends so the cloth doesn't move and do your replica
plating with the other hand. If you've got money to throw away, FMC used to
sell one-time disposable sponges mounted inside a plastic petri dish for this
kind of replica plating...uhhhh, but don't waste your money.

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