Kent Nastiuk, Ph.D. nastiuk at
Tue Oct 24 11:45:33 EST 1995

lperal <lperal at> wrote:
>   I'm a graduate student doing my research on a certain promoter 
>region and its regulation by estrogens.  I need to know if anybody
>may help me with choosing a beta estradiol supplier from the U.S.A., 
>I need a supplier that has been tested and that you know that their 
>beta-estradiol works to either promote or repress the activity of gene
>promoters that contain the appropiate ERE.
>                      Thank You very much
>                      Leandro Peral 

i can't imagine that the quality of the steroid is problematic.  but if 
so...sigma steroids have worked well for me.

or if you are really concerned, you might try Steraloids in Wilton, NH

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