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Sun Oct 22 21:50:22 EST 1995

Sorry to post here, I realize this is not the most appropriate 
group but we are trying to attract people with extensive experience 
in molecular biology for this position.

Laboratory Technician II 

This position involves coordinating and managing the Molecular Ecology 
and Evolution Lab at the University of Vermont Department of Biology.  
Candidates should have strong managing skills, experience with molecular 
techniques in at least 4 of the following:  DNA extraction methods; PCR; 
RFLP's; DNA sequencing and fingerprinting; Electrophoresis; Northern, 
Western and Southern blots.

Job description:

Date of Posting: October 3-9, 1995
Title:  Laboratory Technician II
Range:  11 Extended Posting-Subject to removal without notice
Salary: $21,205
Department: Biology
All applicants must apply to: Employment Office, University of Vermont, 
Waterman Building, Burlington, VT 05405.

Essential Functions:  To oversee operations and provide technical 
assistance for an experimental population genetics laboratory to include 
performing experiments, compiling research data and providing instruction 
on specific laboratory techniques, with supervision from principal 

-  Perform molecular biological techniques to include isozyme 
electrophoresis, DNA extraction, sequencing and fingerprinting, 
amplification and Northern, Western and Southern blots.

-  Perform laboratory activities to include collecting specimens, setting 
up equipment, performing experiments and collecting data.

-  Prepare support materials including solutions, medias, cultures and 

-  Compile research data, periodically analyze data and assist in writing 
appropriate reports.

-  Provide instruction to laboratory users on specific techniques and 

-  Maintain appropriate files including research results, protocols, 
methods and reprints.

-  Maitain laboratory equipment and may repair deficient instrumentation.

-  Assist in planning and designing new protocols and experiments; 
perform literature searches.

-  Order laboratory supplies and maintain inventories as necessary.

-  Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in biology or related science 
and up to two years of related experience required, or an equivalent 
combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge 
and abilities can be acquired.  

For more information, please contact Dr. Lori Stevens at (802)656-0445.

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