SOS--PKC assay

Ying-Pi Lee ypl at
Tue Oct 24 13:04:19 EST 1995

  Does anybody have the experience on PKC (protein kinase C) assay by
  using traditional assay method or PKC assay kit (from Gibco)?
  Which one is more sensitive? 
  Does anybody use tumor promoter-TPA (also known as PMA) to stimulate
  PKC activity?  I tried to use 1 microM for 10 min incubation in brain
  slices, but somehow the result is different from other papers (suppose
  it should stimulate large increase of membrane-bound PKC and decrease
  cytosolic PKC).  Please give me any suggestion or advice.  Thank you
  very much.
  Gladys Lee
  e-mail: ypl at

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