GST fusions - please, help

Christian Asbrand s1985 at
Wed Oct 25 08:10:22 EST 1995

On 21 Oct 1995, Dima Klenchin wrote: 
> 1. What strain should be used? Pharmacia recommends BL21 that we don't have
> right now. Does it really offer any advantages over, say, JM109? Is anything else
> better available?

Dear Dima,
I used SF100 and SF110 strains for a 100kD fusion. SF100 are ompT-, SF110 
are ompT- and degP-. They worked at least for me a little better than 
BL21. Concerning 2nd and 3rd point, sorry I have no idea (didn't bother 
about thrombin and had no solubility problems).
Good luck!

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