FISH manuals and courses

Andreas Kalmes imsd018 at
Wed Oct 25 15:44:58 EST 1995

Dear bionetters,

 A friend of mine needs your advice! He is a pathologist at an hospital 
and quite new to the field of molecular biology. He wants to use 
fluorescent in situ hybridization or in situ-PCR to detect chromosomal 
aberrations in tissue obtained by biopsy.

 - Can you recommend good books about FISH?
- Do you know about manuals with useful protocols? 
 - Are there any courses where he can learn this technique?
- Can you recommend suppliers of probes and equipment?
 - Have you seen any recent reviews about this technique? 
- Which are the landmark papers published on this method?
 - etc............
THANKS! I appreciate all your numerous replies.....

(I will summarize the information mailed to me.)
Wilfried ROSSOLL
MSZ Wuerzburg, Germany
imsd007 at

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