Origin of Transfer cassetes

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 Chuck Miller (oravaxcm at world.std.com) wrote:

| I am looking for a source of either origin of transfer cassetes
| or vectors containing them.

author = "P. N. Hengen
     and V. N. Iyer",
title = "{DNA} cassettes containing the origin of transfer
({{\em oriT}}) of two broad-host-range transfer systems",
journal = "BioTechniques",
volume = "13",
pages = "57-62",
year = "1992"}


Plasmid constructs are described which carry retrievable DNA cassettes
containing the origin of transfer region (oriT) from two broad-host-range
plasmids. Restriction of these high copy number plasmids with any one of a
variety of enzymes yields a linear DNA fragment of convenient size containing
the oriT region of either pCU1 or RK2. This DNA can be ligated into any vector
or recombinant plasmid containing a compatible enzyme site and can be easily
identified by size on an agarose gel.  Any plasmid can therefore be mobilized
using a number of helper strains or conjugative plasmids derived from the
parental plasmids. In addition, the cassettes can be used for a variety of
genetic manipulations including "selectable" linker mutagenesis.

The plasmids described in this paper have been deposited with the American Type
Culture Collection (ATCC) and are available for a nominal fee.  pUC1813-NoriT
is catalog number 77276 and pNH-Kan/oriT is catalog number 77277.

American Type Culture Collection
12301 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA
phone (301) 231-5585

The ATCC catalog is available on the WWW through my homepage.

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