Lambda-HindIII ladder

M. Alexeyev malexeyev at
Fri Oct 27 09:52:42 EST 1995

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tommyc at (Thomas Chuang) wrote:

> Greetings,
>      I was wondering if anyone knows of the percentage of DNA content 
> corresponding to each band of HindIII-digested lambda DNA. I am trying to 
> determine the concentration of my "GeneClean'ed" DNA and require a 
> percentage chart. Thanks ahead of time.

Dear Thomas:

The percentage of DNA content in each band is equal to the percentage of
the fragment length of total lambda length (48 502 bp , if I am not
mistaken). You can easily calculate it yourself. Make sure to heat 
lambda/HindIII marker before running your gel: the fragments  4361 and
21360 bp tend to stick together through 11 base cos ends that leads to
underrepresentation of 4361 band. 5 min at 65oC is usually enough.


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