Extracting clean DNA from large flies

P. Emery pdzpte at pdn1.gene.nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 25 10:47:36 EST 1995

Can anyone help?

We're trying to extract DNA from a large-ish fly, Coelopa frigidans (a.k.a.
the seaweed fly) using an adapted Drosophila extraction technique. All goes
well until we try to resuspend our lovely big clump of DNA right at the end
of the procedure. It is proving very hard indeed to get the stuff to
dissolve. We suspect that an awful lot of protein is being carried over
through the phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alcohol extraction steps.

Has anyone any tips for making the DNA cleaner before we precipitate it?


Phil Emery

Dr P.T.J. Emery (pdzpte at pdn1.gene.nott.ac.uk>
Dept. Genetics
University of Nottingham
Queens Medical Centre

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