Re-using Wizard Minipreps

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Sat Oct 28 02:58:30 EST 1995

bijgh at (JG. Head) wrote:
>I'm a big fan of the "lazy man's miniprep" as sold by loads of companies 
>now (we use Wizard ones), but it seems like there's so much waste of 
>plastic.  We end up throwing out loads of 5ml syringes and the little 
>plastic filters that come with the kit.  It must be easy enough to clean 
>them out and re-use them.  Does anybody do this?  What's the best way to 
>wash out the DNA binding resin from the filters, and would we need any 
>special treatment to get rid of contaminating DNA from the syringes?  I 
>presume the final step would be autoclaving everything, but I'm not sure 
>how effective this is in actually removing contaminants.
>Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received,
>Thanks a lot,
>Jared Head     at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol

since I've start using home made 'merlin' or magic or wizard etc. 
minipreps, I've reused column and siringe tens of times.
I don't wash the siringae at al since I haven't found contaminations even 
pcring the miniprep product. In my mind the wash soultion after passing 
the resin in the siringe clean it enough .. but you can wash them with 
wather if you like ...
About the colums I stir them in warm wather and then I wash them several 
times (in H2o) till the resin is completely out. Do not stir too fast 
otherwise sometime the membrane come out from the column ..
if you like you can then keep them in nitric acid (10%) 30' and then wash 
them again with wather.
Autoclaving (you can do that) doesn't help since you don't destroy 
nucleic acids
Try to reuse a column (and siringe too) and PCR the dna with primers made 
on the plasmid you purified before .... I don't find any contamination 
hope this help

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