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> > I have problems to overexpress my protein. 
> > The DNA sequence of the cloned plasmid is 
> > perfect. The insert was cloned into the NdeI site of the vector. Then,the 
> > the plasmid was tramsformed into BL21(DE3) cells. The clone was picked to 
> > test the overexpression of the protein. I didnot see any overexpressed 
> > protien at all.

As has been pointed out there are various reasons for T7 constructs not
expressing the wanted protein properly.  One of the more common reasons i
toxicity of the protein.  Changing the vector and using fusions are all
valid Ideas but for starters it may be easier to try a strain that allows
less "leakage-expression" than BL21(DE3).  Try BL21(DE3)pLysS or pLysE if
you can get your hands on them.

Good luck


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