the function of -70 for X-ray film

Nikolai Chitaev nikolaic at VISAR.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Oct 28 14:09:26 EST 1995

> From: lIQIN WANG <CZLQ at PO-Box.McGill.CA>
> Subject: the function of -70 for X-ray film
> Date: 27 Oct 1995 22:39:50 GMT
> Hi,  Dear netters,
> I have a question to ask.   What is the real function of exposure
> the p32 X-ray film in -70 c?
> lili

I guess that at -70oC your ENHANCEMENT SCREENs will reflect emmited 
b-particles toward the film, so providing more energy otherwise being 
lost (mirror effect). This also will distirb resolution, so that two
bands being close enough would result in one fat band. If your casette
has no enhancement screens installed, there is no need to put the film
at -70oC, what is also true for S35.

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