Inducing random frameshifts with PCR??

Michael Hamilton mhamilto at
Mon Oct 30 02:20:45 EST 1995

	As part of our research, we would like a series of frameshifts
scattered throughout our gene.  I'm thinking of using PCR to do the
random mutation induction because I'm working in Saccharomyces, and
have a nice easy replacement marker to use as a selectable target for
transformation after the PCR.  

	Does anyone know of a buffer-enzyme mix which can be used for
generating frameshifts?  I did a reasonably complete literature search
through Medline and Cambridge and found lots of stuff on inducing
substitutions, but no mention of frameshift induction.  (I also found
that most adducts cause Taq to arrest, which is hardly encouraging)

	Please reply via response to the group, or via Email (pref) .

Thanks muchly, Mikey
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