Isolating areas flanking a gene

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> I would like to isolate the areas flanking a particular cloned gene from 
>strand isolation idea sniped< 
 >Also any other alternate ideas for isolating the areas 5' of a gene would
be  >interesting to hear. 
 >Thanks in advance,
 >driscoll at

Hi Bill,
Have you considered inverse PCR (IPCR)?  I have tried it to isolate DNA 
flanking a Tn10 insertion in bacteria.  WHile plant genomes are much more 
complex, it may work.  You can do a literature search to see if anyone has 
used IPCR in plants or you can look at some stuff which has worked in 
bacteria.  There is a reference for inverse PCR off of Tn10 in Infect. 
Immun. (1994) 62:1623-1630.  This is what I used as a starting point and it
worked, first time. :)  Email me if you have questions, and I'll try to 
help you as much as I can.

Good Luck,
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