Cre expressing mice

Przemko Tylzanowski przemko
Mon Oct 30 03:39:33 EST 1995

mraabe at (Dr. M Raabe) wrote:
>I am interested in mouse strains which express the Cre recombinase under
>tissue specific promoters. Does anybody know where to supply mice expressing
>Cre in hepatocytes, enterocytes (small intestine), yolk sac or testis? Any
>suggestions or informations are highly welcome. Thank you, Martin
>martin raabe	                          e-mail:mraabe at
>institute for arteriosclerosis research   phone: +49-251-83-6293
>university of muenster, germany	          FAX:   +49-251-83-7225

I am also very interested. In fact I posted already something about it but got
no replies. We are preparing some Cre mice but would like to have access to
some more. Also, I heard a gossip that someone is building a Cre-mouse
database/repository. Anyone could confirm that?
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