Chick Neuron Cultures

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try (for cortical or spinal cord cultures)

J.J. Celentano T. T. Gibbs D.H.Farb
Brain Research 455 (1988) 377-380
Ethanol potentiates GABA- and glycine-induced chloride currents in chick
spinal cord neurons


P. Montpied et. al.
J. Biol Chem.
Vol 266 #10 p6011-6014
GABA induces a receptor-mediate reduction in GABAA receptor alpha subunit
messenger RNAs in Emtryonic chick neurons in culture...

(you can probably view the latter on the WWW the JBC online site)


Mr D.J.A. Wilson (davyjaw at wrote:
: I am trying to set up neuronal cultures from chicken brain and I cant find
: any methods anywhere! I am interested in tectal, cerebellar and cerebral
: cultures from both embryonic and adult chicks. Any advice would be gratefully 
: received.

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