Alternatives to Ethidium Bromide

M.Alexeyev Malexeyev at
Tue Oct 31 17:21:28 EST 1995

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pnorton at (Pamela Norton) wrote:

> In article <1100 at>, gwp1 at (G.W.Phillips) wrote:
> > we are currently seeking a n alternative method for visualizing DNA in
> > gels. Can anyone suggest a cheap and safe alternative to ethidium bromide.
> > gels. Can anyone suggest an alternative to ethidium bromide which is
not toxic
> > and reasonably inexpensive.
> > 
>    What about methylene blue? Can anyone comment on the sensitivity and
> cost for  routine use?

I wasn't overly impressed with sensitivity of methylene blue staining. It
is OK for preparative gels, but that is about all it is good for (in my
book). I would like to hear about positive impressions,too.


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