Quantitative PCR/ HELP

g.coulton g.coulton at cxwms.ac.uk
Fri Sep 1 08:37:53 EST 1995

Gary Coulton Dept. Biochemistry, Charing Cross Medical School, London, 

I have enjoyed reading all the stuff on quantitative PCR and learned a 
great deal.  However, my particular problem is that I want to quantitate 
the relative levels of up to six myosin heavy chain genes in skeletal 
muscles.  I want to be able to follow the shifts in amount with 
developmental stage etc.  They vary little in sequence except at their 
untranslated ends.  If specific primers are made to each gene it may be 
difficult to make them equally efficient.

Has anyone cracked this problem before, as I don't want to re-invent the 

Thanks in advance

Gary Coulton

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