Antibody for His-Tag

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> |> They say it "sees" Met-Arg-Gly-Ser-(Hisx6). So it might see also
(Hisx6) alone.
> |> Did you try it out?
> Didn't need to do it, the Ni+-NTA-PO4 worked fine for me.
> Six tandemly expressed His are no doubt very immunogenic and since an
> combining site is 6-8 aa there is no doubt that some of the antibodies
> the His-tail. But how much, I don't have any idea, I didn't make the
> Qiagen recommends the antibody on vectors expressing
Met-Arg-Gly-Ser-(Hisx6) you can bet
> that that a significant part of that titer is tied up in some part of
> What do you think??    
> Bye,
> Ned
You're probably right. I have never used it, I was just guessing.


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