HELP: PCR Subtractive Hybridisation/reliable method wanted.

g.coulton g.coulton at
Fri Sep 1 08:28:50 EST 1995

Subtraction Hybridisations

I am in the planning stages of a project which with depend to a large 
degree on the production of enriched cDNA libraries.  I have screened 
the literature and come up with any number of variations on the theme. I 
need to know which to include in the strategy and why.

So can you help?

My starting material will be whole skeletal muscle.  Yes, I know that it 
is multicellular and all that this brings but I am stuck with this 
situation at the moment.

Can you either point me in the direction of a particular paper or can 
you send me your protocol?

Thanks in advance.

Gary Coulton

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