propidium iodide staining to measure apoptosis?

Ildo Nicoletti, MD imiso at
Fri Sep 1 06:51:16 EST 1995

anmab2 at wrote:

>I have heard of a technique using propidium iodide to measure apoptosis in
>cells, but unfortunately do not know either the basis of the technique or have
>reference(s) for it.

>If anybody out there knows of this procedure, I would appreciate knowing your
>protocol or references for the staining technique to measure apoptosis.
>Thanks in advance

>Reese Bolinger  anmab2 at

Apoptotic nuclei can be observed at the fluorescence microscope and/or
measured by flow-cytometry after PI staining.
I published the method few years ago (Nicoletti et. al. J immunol
Methods, 139:271-279, 1991).

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