Non-essential regions of B-lactamase gene?

Nathan O. Siemers nathan at
Sat Sep 2 15:49:48 EST 1995

The ampr genes on these plasmids are "Class A" lactmases, and have
been extensively investigated.  There are several crystal structures
available in the brookhaven database, I think a tem1 structure has
recently been added.  Most of the mutgenesis work has looked for
critical regions, not non-essential regions, so you may find indirect
answers to your query.  Some Authors to look for are Lawrence Pratt, J-M
Frere, Jim Knox.  To detmine what regions are not essential, it may be
instructive to do a multiple alignment on the class A proteins, and
look for regions of highest variability.  Finally, lactamases have
been fused to other genes for recombinant expression, either to aid in
expression of other proteins or for creation of novel entities.


>>> On 28 Aug 95 23:14:23 GMT, andrecp at said:

andre> Hello all, I am looking for any information regarding the
andre> structure-function relationships of various regions of the
andre> B-lactamase (ampicillin reistence) gene from pBR/pUC type
andre> vectors.  Any references, especially about protein engineering,
andre> would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

andre> Charles P. Andre Associate Scientist Applied Biosystems

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