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Mon Sep 4 21:05:12 EST 1995

nguyen_v at (vu nguyen) wrote:

>I am converting to luciferase from CAT assays and have only located one
>luminometer, a Turner 20, sold by Promega for $6200. Does anyone know of
>other vendors and other brands or models? I am making constructs using the
>pGL2 vectors and have bought an assay kit from Promega. Any opinions or
>suggestions about luciferase assays in general or the reagents I have

You should try to get the address of your local dealer for the
BIO-ORBIT luminometers and reagents. BIO-ORBIT produces a complete
line of manual and automatic luminometers as well as different
reagents. In former times these well known products were produced and
distributed by Wallac-LKB. Bio-Orbit was founded about six years ago
and has specialized on on luminescence equipment and reagents.
One of the newest test-kits is GenGlow, a very sensitive
luciferase-testkit which produces a stable light-output throughout
several minutes. This means that you can use this kit in combination
with a simple and cheap luminometer (for example the BIO-ORBIT 1253)
without injection devices. The BIO-ORBIT address is:

			Bio-Orbit Oy
			P.O.Box 36
			FIN-20521 Turku
			Tel.: int. + 358 21 2510 666
			Fax.:int. + 358 21 2510 150

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