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martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Tue Sep 5 19:41:21 EST 1995


in the good 'ol days I used to receive DNA samples by mail. From all over
ENgland. They were in TE/water and survived the passage. 

I think there are now restrictions on sending such samples. But i am not sure.

I would recommend precipitating your DNA and transporting them as dry
pellets. Then reconstitute them at the other end.

You could also send them by mail (preferably dried)...and would be hard to
detect...especially if they are not in tubes...

good luck


Darmono Taniwiryono (darmonot at SERVER.INDO.NET.ID) wrote:
: I am going to go by plane from Jakarta to London.  I plan to bring along my
: DNA saples with me. I believe it will take me more than 24 hrs from the time
: I take my DNA samples from -20 C in Bogor to the time I put them back at -20
: C in London.  Could you please let me know on how I could handle my DNA
: samples savely in that condition ???  Is there any restriction to do that
: ???  I mean how I should face the Custom Officer in London ???  Thank you
: for your help.

: Darmono Taniwiryono
: IBRIEC, Jl. Taman Kencana No. 1
: Bogor 16151, Indonesia

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