How to modify QuickTake100 camera for gel documentation?

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> Does anyone know of how to modify the Quicktake 100 camera (macintosh) so 
> that it can be used effectively for gel documentation?  In particular, 
> has anyone used this for photography EtBr stained gels?  Any 
> advice/sources of adapters/filters would be greatly appreciated.

Previous posters neglected to mention filter information.  Most local
suppliers of CCD cameras and such (there should be many at your
university.... check with your tech) will have an appropriate EtBr
filter.... you may have to fine tune a bit (i.e. try several diffent
ones).  Unfortunately, I do not believe that this will work with the
QT100, for two main reasons.

1)  Fixed focal langth of 4 feet.  We have to move the gel closer to the
camera than that to get a good picture.

2)  No way to attach a filter/lens setup to the camera.

The good news is that the QT150 addresses BOTH of these problems, while
providing more storage capacity to boot. Get one.

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