The DNA Vaccine Web and Protocols

Robert WHALEN whalen at
Wed Sep 6 10:38:50 EST 1995

	DNA vaccines are a hot topic these days and I have therefore recently 
created The DNA Vaccine Web which covers the field of gene transfer, 
immunization, infectious diseases and immunology. This site will provide 
information to the specialist of course, but will also provide lay 
articles to give the broader public - scientific, commercial, legal and 
otherwise - a view of this emerging biological technology. The site is 
found at:

	This site is designed to give an introduction to DNA vaccines to the 
many immunologists and specialists in infectious diseases who are still 
somewhat unaware of this evolving field. On the site one will find 
protocols (that actually make the experiments work), control plasmids 
(given out freely) to validate one's own DNA-based immunizing technique, 
references (linked to their Medline abstract), press releases, and links 
to other relevant sites concerning immunology, infectious diseases and 
	I would appreciate having you consider linking The DNA Vaccine Web to 
your site since I believe it would benefit those who visit your site 
each day.
	Very best regards,
																													Robert Whalen

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