Setting up a lab at home

Bill Knighton/Susan Hogarth knighton at
Wed Sep 6 11:20:04 EST 1995

Tony Hodge <tph at> wrote:

>Well Susan I'd love to carry on the debate, Email would be less
>bother to other users of this group but I don't see your address on
>your posting.

Sorry about the missing email addess (sjhogart at, but I should think this 
'debate' would be interesting (or at least amusing) to others in this group.

>>Everything I
>>do at home *I* will be responsible for, not some university or institute or
>>government. You don't imagine *that* will make me careful??
>I'm sorry, I don't know you personally so I can't make that kind of
>judgement, what I can say is that my experience is that many
>researchers are badly informed/unaware of health and safety issues,

And what *I* was saying is that having to be _personally_ responsible for the regulation 
compliance in one's own lab would surely make a person think twice (or more!) before dumping 
ethidium bromide or phenol down the sink...

PLEASE note that I have never mentioned disregarding regulations, as I thought I made a special 
point of saying in my last post. Why are you insisting on equating small with sloppy or 

>In the latter case I view the regulations as _enabling_ me to do the
>work I want to do under conditions considered 'safe' by society not
>some way of curtailing my research freedom, providing protection for
>me, my colleagues, society and the environment.  It is on that basis
>of enabling research to go ahead that such regs should be applied.

As I said before, I don't think I've ever attacked the idea of regulations in any of my 
postings. Could you please point out the passages where I flaunt regulation???

>I present a parallel.....
>As for your dog, that was probably just a 'wise-crack'? but if you
>moved to the UK and brought him/her with you, would you be justified
>avoiding quarantine simply because  'Everything I do at home *I*
>will be responsible for, not some university or institute or
>government.' ??

I think there's been a misunderstanding here, so I'll repeat myself (again:) - I don't believe 
I've ever tried to equate running my own lab with flaunting regulations. To follow your 
analogy, all I was saying (or trying to say) was that I would be the one responsible for 
knowing the regulations applying to the transport of dogs, and that I would be the one 
responsible for seeing that they were followed. Does that make sense?

I'm concerned that you didn't respond to my inquiry about Bhopal and Cherynobyl. What was the 
point you were trying to make with those examples? In my opinion, they were disasters of 
industry, not science. Are you agreeing with me by dropping the subject, or what? i'm afraid I 
still don't understand the arguement you were trying to make.

My, this _is_ becoming an intersting dialogue :-)

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