cloning aflp amplification products

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Thu Sep 7 13:45:10 EST 1995


I'm using AFLP in combination with bulked segregant analysis to try to 
map a toxin biosynthetic gene in the fungus Fusarium moniliforme.  I have 
found 4 bands that may be closely linked to the gene (i.e. they are 
amplified only from one parent and the corresponding bulk).  Now, I want 
to try to clone the DNA represented by these bands.  Does anybody out 
there know the best way(s) to do this or anyone who might?  Also, is it 
better to analyze progeny individually (by AFLP) first, before going 
through the trouble of cloning or is it better to clone first and use the 
cloned fragment as an RFLP marker?

Thanks in advance.

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