Setting up a lab at home

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart
Thu Sep 7 09:01:58 EST 1995

Actually, I don't think we're really so far apart - but the debate was fun!

One thing, though. Your mention of Bhophal came before I talked about living in
a less - restrictive area, so (unless you anticipated my strategy), it seems
like you just shifted that example to another part of the arguement. Originally
it seemed as if you were using Bhopal as an example of the arrogance of
science, which I don't believe it is at all. But, no matter...

Thanks for the discussion; it helped to sharpen my thoughts on the matter. In
some ways opposition can be better than encouragement. Maybe I'll name my first
genetically engineered monster after you (although I was going to call it
Jeremy :-)
Susan Jane Hogarth

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