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Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Fri Sep 8 17:16:31 EST 1995

On 31 Aug 1995, Igor R Sagdeev wrote:

> The table for enzyme efficiencies near the end of DNA fragment
> is great! However, the list of enzymes in the tables is very
> limited. Is it safe to assume that for other enzymes (I'm interested 
> in NciI and HhaI) the efficiencies are 90% or higher when the
> restriction site is flanked by 3 or more bp?

If you have already bought your primers and you don't want to buy new ones
then just clone your fragment you applified into another vector first (TA cloning vector, what ever)
and then cut with your enzymes.

If you haven't bought primers yet then give yourself ample room... like 5 to 8 bp's
just to be sure

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