inducible expression system

Isaac Y Kim ikekim at
Fri Sep 8 13:20:11 EST 1995

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bjfu at (Jaime O. Claudio) says:
>I'm looking for an efficient inducible expression system that can
>both be used in vivo and in vitro. LacSwitch did not work well for us.
>Please e-mail your opinion on the most efficient, well used system 
>bjfu at Thanks.

I have used couple of inducible systems in the past (including 
metallotheionein, lac, and tet). For me, the tet repressible system works 
the best. The basal level was not much higher than the control level. 
Moreover, I got up to 10000 fold (that's right, four zeroes) induction. 
The problem with this is that it is not feasible for in vivo works 
(although you can try feeding the transgenic mice with continuous supply 
of tetracytlines). Recently, a new system was published in Science (June, 
1995, I think) by the same group in which they claim that they have made 
tet inducible system. The group also said that the system works very well 
in transgenics, although these data were not published. So, maybe you 
should give these people a call. Good luck.


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