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Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart
Fri Sep 8 09:33:01 EST 1995

pnorton at (Pamela Norton) wrote:
>Routine subcloning (no viral vectors, etc.)
>requires BL1 level conditions if 1) your project has NIH funding or 2) your
>institute receives NIH funding. If neither of these applies NIH requests
>that you comply, but has no direct oversight. This is taken out of
>Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules, section IV-D.
>Note that recombinant DNA molecules not in organisms are exempt. Also,
>synthetic DNAs not expressed in vivo as a "biologically active
>polynucleotide or polypeptide product" are exempt. 

Wow - I find that very encouraging, but it does make me wonder who regulates
the R&D sections of biotech firms. OSHA? Others?

> Despite the fact that we
>all may agree that there is no danger from routine rec DNA experiments,
>public concern has driven the formulation of guidelines. If we ignore them,
>we just give people like Jeremy Rifkin ammunition in his attempts to
>prohibit all experimentation of this sort. 

Point taken, and thanks (lots!) for the info.

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>       Pam Norton

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