Hoeffer "minflourometer" Retry?

Dr. Chihara chihara at noc.usfca.edu
Fri Sep 8 23:05:13 EST 1995

I had the same horrible problem. Couldn't ever get the thing to work
right. I am really reluctant to try again. They sold us a "fix" which was
no better than the original and then lost interest. Would they do the same
thing again?  I have friends who just use their flourometer, seems to do
just fine!  I intend to stay far away from them and suggest you do the
same. Perhaps that will make them more helpful in the future! 
Vladimir Yamshchikov (yamshchikov at cber.cber.fda.gov) wrote: : In article
<jgraham.809207912 at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu>, :
jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu (the End) wrote: 

: > Comrads,
: > 
: > I received a mailing from Hoefer the other day showing an apparently
: > new and improved fixed wavelngth fluorometer for DNA quantitation
: > (~$2500)_.
: > 
: > After being so thoroughly burnt on the original ~TK-100 (including
: > the "fix"), how can I try again with any confindence? I noticed 
: > that the new model is made by Pharmacia.
: > 
: > Unfortunately the wide-spread bad experiences with the Hoefer
: > models may be an insurmountable problem for this theoretically
: > excellent soultion to a fundamental problem in today's laboratory
: > (ie. accurate DNA quantitation).
: > 
: > Who's got one?
: > 
: > Jim
: > J. Graham
: > Department of Biology 
: > Washington University

: Hey, what's the problem with TK-100? I was using it for almost five years
: without any problems - I think. At least I was getting the same results as
: with UV quantitation, of course for purified DNA.

: Vladimir Yamshchikov.

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