Japanese-English technical terms (molbio)

Gregory Stuart gstuart at unixg.ubc.ca
Sat Sep 9 13:17:07 EST 1995

Hello all. Forgive me for this non-"methds-reagnts" post, but I need the
assistance of molecular biology researchers with a grasp of the Japanese
language. I would like to accumulate a collection of (technical)
Japanese-English terms for common molecular biology items/procedures, for
two reasons.  Firstly, I will be visiting a laboratory in January for 1-2 
weeks. Secondly, a Professor from Osaka just arrived in our lab for a 
one-year sabbatical. He speaks very little English. 

	If anyone knows a Japanese translation for any molecular biology
and general laboratory technical terms, please EMAIL them to me (to
minimize 'noise' in this group). I will compile a list/reference database.
I am thinking that if there is enough interest, I can prepare a resource
home page linked to my WWW home pages, available for all. Thanks muchly,
Greg Stuart  :)

P.S. Our lab uses (among other projects) the Big Blue
transgenic mutagenesis rodent assay, complete with automated DNA
sequencing, etc.etc.etc. Examples : distilled water; pipet; enzyme;
transgenic; DNA; phenol/chloroform; centrifuge; bacteria; plaque; petri 
plate; agar; pipet tip; wide bore; electrophoresis; gel; buffer; PCR; ...

Greg Stuart		gstuart2 at sol.uvic.ca	Fax : 604-656-8148
Centre for Environmental Health, University of Victoria,
9865 West Saanich Rd., Sidney, British Columbia, CANADA. V8L 3S1.

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