subtractive hybridisation

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Sat Sep 9 07:12:56 EST 1995

> Debbie (D.Carter1 at wrote:
> : I'm trying to set up a subtractive hybridisation system to look at  
> : differential gene expression between two tissue types. I would be most 
> : grateful for any hints and tips. I'm particularly interested in the idea 
> : of using PCR to increase the amount of driver used as there is limited 
> : starting tissue. Any ideas will be warmly recieved.
> : Thanks.

A method that can work is described by Boll, et al., JBC 268:12901-12911
(1993) (I know that it worked at least once because I am one of the
authors of the paper.). 
A method that I have not tried but that reads as though it may be better
is described by Zeng, et al., NAR 22:4381-4385 (1994).

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